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As a master craftsman's business, Regidor GmbH has been working with the highest efficiency and quality as an innovative service partner for insurers, property management companies, specialist tradesmen and private individuals for over 25 years.
Leak detection in Ratingen from Company Regidor GmbH

Leak detection

With today's measuring technology and an experienced leak locator, most leaks in the event of water damage are measured to the point. Leak detection is not only an option in the case of visible water damage.

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Building drying in Ratingen from Company Regidor GmbH

Building drying

After a repair has been completed, measures for drying out the building are usually on the agenda in the case of water damage. We carry out these measures professionally and expertly. Depending on which building materials and areas are affected by the water damage, we choose the appropriate type of drying to ensure efficient drying.

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Thermography in Ratingen from Company Regidor GmbH


Thermography is one of the most important measuring instruments. Moisture distribution and water leakage cause a certain temperature field in the wall or floor, which the thermal image depicts.

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Inner pipe sealing in Ratingen from Company Regidor GmbH

Inner pipe sealing

You are certainly familiar with the problem when burst pipes accumulate and the water pressure in the heating system drops. We seal problem pipes permanently and reliably from the inside, usually without tile damage.

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Mold treatment in Ratingen from Company Regidor GmbH

Mold treatment

We also carry out disinfections to kill or inactivate various germs in the course of the drying measure. These are often necessary in the case of water damage due to contamination from sewage or flooding.

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Mold bacteria instant analysis in Ratingen from Company Regidor GmbH

Mold bacteria instant analysis

In various cases, an immediate quantitative analysis of the contaminated components makes sense. For these cases, we have the analysis method of Regidor Service GmbH at our disposal, which can determine the quantitative contamination by mould fungi, bacteria and faecal germs on surfaces and in materials on site.

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