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For over 25 years now, the company Regidor GmbH has been processing water damage with the help of measurement techniques, Thermography, leak detection and building drying.

Since 2020, the company has been managed by Manfred Regidor under the company name "Regidor GmbH".

In the event of water damage, things have to be done quickly, because modern building materials and cavities, with intensive insulation at the same time, have to be taken care of quickly, otherwise it becomes costly. It is important to act immediately to give germs and spores no chance.

This is what the technicians at Regidor GmbH specialise in, in order to act in a damage-reducing manner. Since the philosophy of our company is based on competent advice for water damage repair to our customers, Regidor GmbH attaches great importance to the fact that all our employees are certified specialists for water damage repair.

The technicians of Regidor GmbH are specialised in this field in order to act in a damage-reducing manner.

In order to be able to guarantee competence, quality, safety and cost efficiency in the case of building water damage, our employees are regularly trained and informed about the latest technology for leak detection and building drying. If you have major damage, our water damage project manager will be on site immediately to take the necessary initial measures, prepare a damage report and a drying plan and ensure that they are implemented quickly.

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