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Water damage - What now?

We offer you a quick and reliable solution here.

If the cause of the water damage is not clear, we recommend leak detection.

Insurance companies and professionals have already recognised the benefits of professional leak detection for water damage.

The location costs are covered by your building insurance, provided the cause is insured.

The pinpoint location means that only a minimal amount of repair work is required.

This means:

  • The installer can specifically expose the defective area and thus cause no unnecessary damage to the building fabric
  • .
  • Tiling, plastering or painting work is reduced many times over or even eliminated altogether
  • .
  • The customer is very satisfied with this type of damage repair, as the burst pipe can be repaired with minimal effort
  • .
  • The insurance company saves enormous costs and offers an excellent service to its customers
  • .

With today's measuring technology and an experienced leak locator, most leaks from water damage will be gauged to the point.

Lackage detection is not only an option in the case of visible water damage. The same measuring technique is used to define the cause of mould infestation. Thermography is one of the most important measuring instruments. Moisture distribution and water leakage cause a certain temperature field in the wall or floor, which the thermal image depicts. The measurement of pipe bursts and mould damage is often one of the greatest challenges, as the measurement results must be compared with physical laws here.

The physical principles influence the measurement results, which must be interpreted accurately by the leak locator. For this reason, the experience of the leak detector is just as important as the measuring instrument itself.

Even in the case of larger leakages, the experience of the leak detector is just as important as the measuring instrument itself.

Even in larger areas to be checked, such as flat roofs, pipelines in outdoor areas (e.g. on tennis courts), we can locate the leakage selectively or limit it to a minimal area with our measuring technology.

Leaks in the shower area

Representation of cold/heat bridges

Leakage detection - thermography in an underfloor heating system

Leakage detection in the bathroom

Leakage detection outdoors

Leakage detection - flat roof

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