You have water damage?

Then we offer you the perfect solution

You don't know where the water/dampness is coming from? Then we'll be happy to help you with a reliable leakage detection.

You already know where the water/dampness is coming from and the cause has already been remedied? Then we are happy to assist you in the area of building dehumidification.

Furthermore, we offer various measures in the field of mould treatment (removal, disinfection, germ reduction, as well as immediate analysis)

Our services in case of damage:

  • Leakage detection - in the pipe network and flat roofs
  • Drying out (plus various preparatory works)
  • Mould removal, disinfection and germ reduction
  • Ozone treatment
  • Quantitative immediate analysis of moulds in the air and on building components
  • Pipe bursting teams - our specialist personnel eliminate pipe bursts with enormous precision. The fast, clean and reliable process is guaranteed
  • Various pipe sealing methods for wind technology (on- and off-shore wind turbines), heating and fire-fighting pipelines in residential construction and industry
  • Inliner technology for internal sewage and rainwater downpipes

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to answer them

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